Community Cluster

The community cluster of project areas considers what is needed to form and maintain a self sufficient post collapse community. The information here has two purposes:

  1. Give guidance to anyone planning or setting up a post collapse community.

  2. Provides a context for other project areas.

terse descriptions of the project areas follow:


The prepare problem area considers what one might do to set up a post collapse community prior to the collapse.


The skills problem area considers what people skills will be needed in a post collapse community. This is both a consideration in selecting people for a post collapse community and guidance on how-to projects so such skills can be learned if no one in a post collapse community has them.


The equipment problem area considers what kind of equipment will be needed in a post collapse community. This is a starting point for projects posting designs for equipment. It could also be used to select pre-collapse equipment for a planned post collapse location.


Materials considers what materials are likely to be needed in a post collapse community. Comparing this with what is available at a post collapse community location would indicate what things might be valuable to bring, and store at the location. For example, salt (a very inexpensive pre-collapse commodity) becomes very important for preserving food in the absence of refrigeration, modern packaging and other preservatives.


What kind of facilities are likely to be needed?


What are the considerations in locating a post collapse community?


What size community is likely to work best?


Community enrichment projects fit here.


The ethics problem area considers the social rules and values most likely to be important to the long term the health of a post-collapse community.